You Are Magick offers magick in the form of Tarot readings & Reiki.

I’m an Ozarks born, queer-femme, second-generation seer with a life-long penchant for playing with Tarot cards. I also work regularly through clairaudience, gem/flower essences, the blessings of Reiki, the saints and spirit guides. I am a working professional performance artist and maneuver my life within the structure/unstructure of the bipolar paradigm. I work my own magick with loving rigor and intentional ritual as a daily practice. I love the act of collaboration where we discover synchronicity and explore the space(s) inbetween.


I delight in reading cards, drinking tea and figuring shit out with people. I don't pathologize choices, but I do offer ways to achieve a more spacious and informed perspective so folks can make conscious choices for their magickal lives.