Here's what folks say about You Are Magick:

"madeline is a magic lady of dreams. she is curious, open-hearted, sharp-as-a-tack, questioning, intuitive, and joyful. i would recommend her to anyone who wants to know more about what is unseen, because much of the time, she can see it."

- Julie


"I remember just feeling like an extremely heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders.  The description you gave me from the cards was so wonderfully on point that it really allowed me to release a piece of myself that was wound very tightly.  And, of course, your sweet and gentle approach makes the whole experience so lovely and easy."



"Yes! I knew the cards were right in that I should scream it out/exorcise these emotions, but I haven't been able to find a place to do that yet. The rest of the reading showed me things I already knew, so it was a nice affirmation. The screaming was icing on the cake--like, "you should know this, but just in case I'm gonna remind you that you should really do this more often and it will help."



"The reading was incredibly fruitful for me and really marked a turning point for me artistically. It was definitely both a "Oh yes, I do know that, thanks for the reminder Universe" and also "oh wow that's new information that really resonates". It helped me get more clear and move forward with ease. It also helped reinforce the need to let go of personal stresses and distractions to focus on the larger work at hand. I often thought over the reading in the months after and tried to break some patterns and let go of some things.  It was great. Let's do it again!"



"I've had two readings from Madeline--a few years apart from each other. The first one was a long in-person reading, and we covered a variety of topics; the more recent one was via Skype, and we covered one big topic. Both of these readings have provided me with a grounded, expansive sense of where I am and what I want to do next. Madeline has a way of talking through the cards that makes me feel like I'm part of the process, that she's helping me see to another level of truth I couldn't access on my own. If you're thinking of tarot readings as fake fortune-telling, just trust me: Madeline is here to make your life better, not to try to trick you into believing something. Go get a reading from her. You'll see."

-Julia B.


"Madeline is a great, loving soul, bubbling with life-force and creativity. She gave me a wonderfully intuitive, affirming tarot reading. I get the sense that, for Madeline, the cards are a mechanism to get in touch with the deep needs and aspirations of the person across from her. Our reading felt like a conversation - not a one-way monologue - in which I had freedom to participate.  Together we wove a vision of my past and future: where I'd been in the months before the reading, where I might be heading next, and what insights and self-observations I might need to guide me on that journey. Months later, I still have vivid memories of the reading - and of particular images from very striking tarot deck."

-Daniel L.