My Code

Cards, tools and ceremonies do not bestow us magick.

You already are magick.


In your session, we’ll chat out the landscape of your questions and then I will read your cards.

We may talk about the stars, sleep, work, lovers, crystals, capitalism, quantum science, et all.

We will talk about the meanings and relationships in your personal card spread as well as possible next action steps. 


Our work together creates a loving bubble of refuge and a space to let go.


I don’t fortune tell. I don’t read the thoughts of people not in the room.

We'll check out your story and possibilities, which might include others,

but I’m not going to tell you their business.


Our sessions will not include medical, legal or therapeutic care.

However, I will keep with you the same confidentiality as a therapist or doctor.


I have living experience with queer, artist and mental health survivors’ communities. We aim to support your unique autonomous decisions and current working paradigms.

We live under a fascist, exploitative, homogeneous, straight, racist empire and we all are in need of healing. Deep healing.


I’ll help you see your life patterns and enable more spirit and cosmic wisdom to flood into your choices.